Land, Legacy and Food: Jesse’s Story

Jesse Mikasobe-Keali‘inohomoku manages food systems work at ‘Elepaio Social Services, one of Hawai‘i Foodbank’s agency partners. Through his work, Jesse is serving the community that raised him by addressing social issues and providing access to food.

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What Does the Farm Bill Mean for Hawai‘i?

The Farm Bill is the centerpiece federal legislation for food and farming. It impacts access to nutritious food for the thousands of people in Hawai‘i facing hunger and is critical to the efficacy of many of Hawai‘i Foodbank’s hunger-relief efforts.

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Connection to Community: Kaui’s Story

A cheerful hawaiian woman holding a crate of green onions in a sunny field with mountains in the background.

Partners like MA‘O Organic Farms are working to address systemic inequities and develop community-led solutions. See how Farm Manager Kaui Sana’s work is helping to establish deeper connections among food, community and ancestry.

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A Different Kind of Resolution

Each new year, people embrace a newfound optimism in their ability to do better. Perhaps this year, we can incorporate resolutions that give back to our community as a whole. Here are five resolutions you can make this year that will help nourish our ‘ohana.

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‘A Holiday Story’ for Families Facing Hunger

1 in 4 keiki in Hawai‘i struggle with hunger. For their parents, the perfect gift starts with having enough food on the table for their entire family to eat. Giving their children everything begins with providing them with enough food to grow and thrive today.

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Subscribing for Dignity: Alicia’s Story

Alicia Higa and ‘Elepaio Social Services are piloting a food subscription program in partnership with Hawai‘i Foodbank.

As the interim executive director of ‘Elepaio Social Services, Alicia Higa is piloting a food subscription program in partnership with Hawai‘i Foodbank to connect local communities with greater access to fresh, locally grown food.

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Cultivating Connection: Alyson’s Story

A new food subscription program from agency partner ‘Elepaio Social Services aims to provide community members with greater access to fresh, locally grown produce. For Alyson Hiapo, this means an opportunity to reconnect with health and ‘āina.

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Maui Relief Update

Maui wildfire relief

Our hearts are with our Maui ‘ohana and everyone impacted by the devastating wildfires that swept across the island in August. Recovery efforts continue, and Hawai‘i Foodbank is actively working to support our neighbors on Maui and our partners at Maui Food Bank.

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One Helping at a Time

Often, hunger begins just one, unexpected event at a time. Just one occurrence can trigger a series of lingering events — making hunger a very persistent problem. But Hunger Action Month reminds us that we can end hunger — one helping at a time. Every action adds up to make a significant difference.

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